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  • Joy It Forward Standard Banner Ad

    agency: Proximity BBDO | brand: Pepsi  | technology: Flash
    The online component of Pepsi's massive Joy It Forward campaign. Lots of fun was had mimicking the tv spots in Flash. Working with Eyeblaster, one component of the campaign was the ability to edit (and preview) messaging in the ad from the publisher's CMS. This campaign won in the Online Campaign - Single category for the 2009 Applied Arts Awards.
  • Rogers Cable Speed Standard Banner Ad

    agency: Publicis  | brand: Rogers Cable  | technology: Flash
    40k banner showing some snazzy lighting effects work. Plus, hey look! Spiderman!
  • HP Officejet Pro Standard Banner Ad

    agency: Proximity BBDO  | brand: HP  | technology: Flash
    1 in a series of HP ads using script-generated ribbons that interweave playfully with text. In this set, subtle easing is used to give the illusion that the camera is chasing the ribbons as they are being drawn.
  • Arctic Air Microgames site

    agency: Switch United  | brand: CBC Arctic Air  | technology: Flash
    Working with team at Switch United, we developed the game engines for a series of microgames promoting the popular CBC TV series, Arctic Air.  Games included a Frogger-style platformer, a point-and-shoot targetting game, and a vertical scrolling obstacle game. Visit site
  • iCoke Rewards Rich Banner Ad

    agency: Fjord Interactive  | brand: Coca-Cola  | technology: Flash
    Nothing special here. Just a Coke ad. It's in here because HEY LOOK! WE WORKED ON A COKE AD!
  • HUGO Just Different Youtube Masthead

    agency: Blast Radius  | brand: Hugo Boss  | technology: Flash
    Working with Blast Radius Netherlands, we came up with the motion design for the text sequences overlaying the video.  The end result was a subtle, eye-catching sequence fitting to the overall visual style of the campaign.
  • Music Makes More Milk

    agency: Tribal DDB | brand: BC Dairy Association  | technology: Flash, PHP
    For this contest site, TribalDDB created a user experience in which users could create a song that cows would listen to while getting milked.  Our part in it was in developing the custom AS3 audio-sequencing engine.  The core of the app takes multiple mp3 streams, mixes them down to a flat audio file (synced precisely to the user-created sequence), then outputs a downloadable MP3 file. Visit site
  • Bank of Montreal Bull Market Advergame

    agency: Tribal DDB |  brand: Bank of Montreal |  technology: Flash
    Use the arrow keys to try to stay on the bucking bull.  Buck yeah!
  • McDonald’s Bagel Baker Microsite

    agency: Tribal DDB | brand: McDonald’s | technology: Flash
    To promote McDonald’s new Bagel breakfast sandwiches, we worked with the team at Tribal DDB to create an animation engine which would take a user-selected message, and “bake” it onscreen, using a mix of vector animation and bitmap/blending effects.  User-generated cards were then posted directly from Flash to an Amazon S3 cloud server for sharing. Visit site
  • Rogers Picnic Photo Installation

    agency: Tangible Interaction |  brand: Rogers  | technology: Processing
    A capture application was written using Processing and Movino, which allowed staff to walk around the event with a Nokia N95 to film short video clips of concert-goers. The phone connected in real time via Bluetooth to the kiosk where users' clips played back in a 3d field. At the end of the event, all of the clips were played back on the main stage. Images float around in a 3d cloud, eventually coming together to form a logo.
  • Town Shoes Shoe-fessional Installation

    agency: Taxi |  brand: Town Shoes  | technology: Adobe AIR
    This installation consisted of a touchscreen interface which allowed users to record a confession inside a giant shoebox, as part of the Town Shoes Shoe-fessional contest. Webcam input was recorded directly from AIR using a modified HAXE backend, and uploaded directly to Youtube upon submission.
  • McDonald’s McCafe Peach Smoothie Rich Banner Ad

    agency: Tribal DDB  | brand: McDonald's  | technology: Flash
    Using a subtle bitmap-displacement technique, we created an engaging tree-shake effect to entice users to interact with the banner.  Users can mouse over the tree to shake loose some peaches, or click and drag to shake it vigorously.
  • Sunrype Fruitify Me Installation

    agency: Tribal DDB  | brand: Sunrype  | technology: Processing
    This was an interactive installation which presented a mirror image of passers-by composed of fruit. The image was generated in real-time based on webcam input, with fruits selected to compose the scene based on colour (ie. green items in the scene were rendered with kiwi slices, etc). This installation won in the Offline Digital - Single category for the 2008 Applied Arts Awards.
  • Rogers Wireless Standard Banner Ad

    agency: Publicis  | brand: Rogers Wireless  | technology: Flash
    Fun text animation project where we took the basic letter forms from the ad’s message, and gave them a playful, fun character;  a great example of how we can make a simple concept shine in 40k or less.
  • McDonald’s Monopoly Rich Banner Ad

    agency: Tribal DDB | brand: McDonald’s | technology: Flash
    Our take on the ever-popular page-peel animation, using a combination of time-line based vector animation and layered blending/bitmap effects, controlled through code to tie the effect back to user-interaction.
  • McCafe Frappe Rich Banner Ad

    agency: Cossette East  | brand: McDonald's | technology: Flash
    The challenge of this ad was to take a still image of a drink, and to add interactivity to it in a photo-realistic way. The result is a texture-mapped, particle system that mimics the way a straw would move through a thick liquid.
  • Hydro To Home Microsite

    agency: Tribal DDB | brand: BC Hydro | technology: Flash
    The concept of this microsite was to illustrate to consumers the path that electricity takes from the generator to their home.  An implementation of Google Maps was used to guide users between steps on the journey, with animated 3d rendered worlds used to illustrate each step. This project has won awards from the ADCC and Applied Arts, as well as being featured on FWA and Communication Arts. Visit site